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5 Hardest Foods to Digest

Plus simple advice to better digest any food you eat. Indigestion by any other name—gas, bellyache, heartburn, upset stomach, bloating—is still indigestion, or the inability to digest food properly. Whatever you call it, a digestive problem can be inconvenient at best, and often downright painful. ...

America s Mental Health Crisis

Not only is access to mental health care declining, a new study finds the majority of psychiatrists don t accept health insurance. "My colleagues and I were hearing a lot of stories from patients who wanted mental health care but were unable to find a psychiatrist willing to take their insurance, so we decided to look into the problem," explains Tara Bishop, MD, an assistant professor of public health and an assistant attending physician at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center.

What Makes an Effective To-Do List?

A single, simple strategy to make your list work for you. Because we all lead busy lives, remembering all the things we need to do can be difficult. While we can let some tasks slip with minimal impact ("Forgot to take out the trash, will do it later."), forgetting others can have major consequences (think about what would happen if you forgot to pay your mortgage).

10 Ways to Avoid Job Stress When You Have Cancer

While there are many benefits to working while sick, you ll still have to cope with job stress and the side effects of treatment. Here s help. When you're undergoing cancer treatment, you might be tempted to take a leave of absence from your job. But continuing to work can be good for your mental health, according to Melanie Whetzel, a senior consultant on the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy's Job Accommodation Network's (JAN) cognitive/neurological team.

Too Much Stress May Cause This Digestive Ailment

Stress can magnify minor health problems. Get acquainted with the tools you'll need to combat a certain bothersome stomach condition. A bad case of diarrhea can make you feel pretty stressed. But could stress also be at the root of your symptoms? It can be difficult for people to tell which comes first—stress or diarrhea—since the two problems often co-exist. The Scope of the Problem Diarrhea is a common problem that leads to approximately 450,000 hospital admissions each year, according to Alberto Barroso, MD, a gastroenterologist at Houston Methodist Hospital.

6 Ways to Ax Anxiety

Make "keep calm and carry on" your new motto. Take our advice for worrywarts. You may feel lightheaded, slightly nauseous, and simply unwell. Your thoughts may be racing, yet you aren't having a panic attack or difficulty breathing. If these symptoms sound like how you occasionally feel, "mild anxiety" may be your problem. "Many, many people have the condition," says Lisa Rene Reynolds, PhD, author of Parenting Through Divorce: Helping Your Kids Thrive During and After the Split.

How to Cope With Trauma

It's not only life-threatening incidents that can lead to persistent feelings of helplessness, depression, grief, or extreme anxiety. Learn more about how to move through trauma. A serious car accident; the death of a family member; a natural disaster or an act of terrorism are all traumatic events. But sometimes more commonplace experiences, such as getting lost as a child or having surgery, can have just as strong of an impact on your psyche.

Meditation's Effect on Depression

Depressed? Adding meditation to your treatment plan may help. Here's why. The latest research reveals that when mindfulness meditation is used in conjunction with psychotherapy and medication, it can be an effective technique to manage depression. As the name implies, mindfulness meditation involves becoming aware of the moment without judging the experience—just accepting it for what it is, explains Linda Wasmer Andrews, MS, author of several books about depression and meditation.

Nervous Breakdowns: What You Need to Know

While some people are at higher risk, nervous breakdowns can happen to anyone. Here's what to look for. During a nervous breakdown—a catch-all term that can mean anything from a psychotic break to a panic attack—an individual may experience extreme anxiety, debilitating panic, or a major depression, explains Sally Winston, PsyD, co-director of the Anxiety and Stress Disorders Institute of Maryland in Baltimore.

5 Signs You're Stressed

One look in the mirror can gauge your stress levels. That's because, left uncontrolled, stress takes a physical toll on your body, inside and out. Here's how to make a change. Emotional stress, along with unhealthy habits—like smoking and overuse of alcohol and caffeine that often develop in response to stress—will ultimately affect your physical health and appearance. If you don't get to the root of the problem...

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