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Can a Pill Track If You Are Taking Your Meds?

The FDA has approved a “digital pill” that will be able to track if and when patients take their medication. This was designed to help those battling schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and those managing others’ medication.

Brain Microchip Erases Memories?

The Doctors discuss a “brain chip” designed to manipulate memories. Makers of the chip hope to help those with degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. But could it also be used to erase bad memories?

PTSD after a Wrongful Conviction

The Doctors were joined by exoneree Clarence last season that spent several years in jail for a crime he did not commit, and the show sent him to Dr. Eugene Lipov to treat his PTSD.

Meet War Heroes Surviving with Brain Injuries and PTSD

For many of our armed service members surviving war is just half the battle. Meet the Stacey and Bitsui families, and their struggle to return to daily life.

Urgent Care Clinic for Mental Health to Open in Sacramento

A California county is about to take a big step in addressing a critical need in the area, an urgent care clinic for the mentally ill.

Red Flags for Potentially Violent People

After the recent school shooting in Northern California, clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho shares what to be aware of if you suspect someone might commit an act of violence.

13 Things People With Anxiety Want You to Know

For starters, we can’t just stop worrying.

Self-Care for Caregivers

Caregiver advocate and TV host Leeza Gibbons shares advice on how to avoid caregiver burnout and depression.

Do You Have the Vegetarian Blues?

Could banning meat from your diet cause depression?

Exploding Candle Shoots Flames in Woman’s Face?

Ashley joins The Doctors to share her experience with a candle that she says exploded in her face. Here’s how can you prevent this from happening to you.

Dr. Deepak Chopra Shares His Tips for Managing Anxiety and Making a Personal Transformation

Deepak Chopra’s 87th book “Home: Where Everyone Is Welcome” is available now.

Exercise Addict Strikes a Nerve with Viewers

The story of an exercise addict running away from a deep pain went completely viral. Check out Erin’s story to see why.

Dog Attack Survivor Becomes a Viewer Favorite

Penelope’s near-death experience after being attacked by her boyfriend’s dogs left her with a crippling fear of canines. Check out what happened after life strategist Gary Cox helps rid her of her phobia.

Exercise Addict Gets Help!

Erin came to The Doctors for help with her extreme exercise addiction. Check out her story and why she got our viewers talking.

What Is Anxiety?

Occasional anxiety is a normal part of life, but for someone with an anxiety disorder the feeling does not go away over time. Find out more.

Trauma’s Lasting Impact on the Body

The Doctors are joined by PTSD specialist Dr. Eugene Lipov who explains how something like an incarnation can take its toll on your health.

Is There a Medical Treatment to Help Those Wrongfully Imprisoned?

PTSD specialist Dr. Eugene Lipov offers a possible medical treatment to help alleviate the lasting effects for wrongful incarcerations of Ricky Jackson, Nancy Smith, and Clarence Elkins.

Woman's Extreme Needle Phobia Is Affecting Her Health and Life

Amy's severe fear of needles and injections could be taking a toll on her health. She’s come to The Doctors to hopefully overcome her phobia.

Drs. Update: Did Lauren Beat Her Bulimia Struggle?

Lauren returns to The Doctors to share an update on her eating disorder battle.

Hope for Woman with Extreme Needle Phobia?

Psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow guides Amy through exposure therapy in hopes of conquering her fear of needles.

Woman Terrified of Needles Confronts Her Phobia!

Can Amy take the final step in her work to overcome her needle phobia and watch psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow receive an injection live on The Doctors’ stage?

Surprise for Woman who Battled Bulimia

The Doctors surprise Lauren with a dental makeover from dentists Christian Yaste, Joseph Hufanda, and Eric Saterlee from Ballantyne Center for Dentistry.

Mass Shooting Survivor Update

Shelly, who survived a mass shooting, returns to The Doctors after being treated for her PTSD by Dr. Eugene Lipov.

Mass Shooting Survivor Gets Treatment for Her PTSD

Find out if Dr. Eugene Lipov’s procedure of injecting SGB, Stellate Ganglion Block, helped Shelly reclaim her life.

PBA Is No Laughing Matter

The Doctors are joined by Dyanna, who suffered a stroke five years ago, and UCLA Professor of Psychiatry and Aging Dr. Gary Small to discuss PseudoBulbar Affect (PBA), which affects about two million people in America.

Teen Unable to Digest Food Gets Answers about Her Rumination Syndrome

The Doctors are joined by James “Buck” Runyan, the Executive Director of Remuda Ranch at the Meadows, who offers Maya the help she needs to take control of her rumination syndrome.

Teen Unable to Digest Food Seeks Help for Rumination Syndrome

Maya meets with gastroenterologist Dr. Su Sachar and psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow, who confirm that the teen is dealing with rumination syndrome.

The 17-Year-Old Girl Unable to Digest Food

Ever since the sixth grade, Maya has been unable to digest food and must use a feeding tube. Now 17, she and mom Emily have come to The Doctors looking for help.

Ten Surprising Ways To Combat Anxiety

We all get anxious from time to time, but there are surprising things you can do to reduce feelings of anxiety and feel calm. Here are ten quick and simple ways to feel calm every day.

Lady Gaga, Prince William Discuss Dispelling ‘Shame’ of Mental Illness

The British royal praised the pop star’s open letter on living with post-traumatic stress disorder.