Depression - Videos

Homeless Veteran Mom Facing PTSD

Female veterans are the fastest growing demographic in America’s homeless population. Meet Debra, single mother of two who’s struggling to make ends meet after serving years in the military.

3 Self-Help Tricks to Relieve Anxiety

Calming yourself down is easier than you think.

Woman Turns Struggle With Post-Baby Weight Loss Into a New Career

A Chicago woman who turned to a personal trainer while suffering from postpartum depression after the birth of her first child decided to drop everything and start a new career after having another child.

Ten Surprising Ways To Combat Anxiety

We all get anxious from time to time, but there are surprising things you can do to reduce feelings of anxiety and feel calm. Here are ten quick and simple ways to feel calm every day.

Christmas When You're Dealing with Grief

Here's what it's like to grieve on the holidays.

Mental Health: Finding the Road to Full Recovery

Pepper and her mother Christine fought Pepper's anorexia together. Now they're getting their degrees to help others fight the same fight.

5 Ways to Beat Winter Blues

The cold weather doesn't have to bum you out.

Surviving Family Occasions with Tips from Google's Mindfulness Mentor

Family occasions are stressful especially around the holidays.Google's Chade-Meng Tan shares some mindfulness tricks that'll keep you sane.

Daughter Reveals Bulimia Secret to Mom

Lauren’s mom Cyndi joins The Doctors with her daughter. Lauren finally tells her mother about her 13 year bulimia secret.

Will a Secret Bulimic Get Help?

Lauren and her mom Cyndi discuss treatment for Lauren, who has been hiding her eating disorder for 13 years. See what surprises The Doctors have in store for her.

I’m a Secret Bulimic!

Lauren has battled bulimia in silence for 13 years, but she’s ready to come clean to her family and ask for help.

Secret Bulimic Afraid to Tell Mom!

After a lifetime of struggling with eating disorders, Lauren is ready to get help and finally come clean to her mom about her secret disease.

Injection Cures PTSD?!

Tim is a fireman who was stationed inside the World Trade Center and was there that fateful day. After suffering from debilitating PTSD, he tries a controversial new treatment.

Man Suffering PTSD Receives Life-Changing Treatment

Tim joins The Doctors to talk about life after trying a stellate ganglion block injection, a new treatment for PTSD. Chief medical officer Dr. Eugene Lipov shares how this remarkable treatment works to change lives like Tim’s.

Help for Woman Suffering from Bulimia

Michelle and Internist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez join The Doctors to discuss how Michelle’s addiction has affected her health.

I Lost 180 Pounds, but I Have a Secret!

Michelle lost 180 pounds, but she joins The Doctors today to reveal to everyone including her mom Bette just how she lost all that weight.

Shocking Weight Loss Reveal!

Michelle recently lost 180 lbs. Michelle sits down with psychotherapist and addiction specialist Dr. Mike Dow to discuss her unhealthy weight loss, her health, and how to overcome her crippling addiction.

Woman Nearly Eaten Alive By Dogs Meets a Phobia Expert

Pennelope was attacked by two dogs that left her nearly eaten alive. She meets with life strategist Gary Coxe to help her overcome her crippling fear of dogs.

Teen Mom’s Postpartum Struggle

Catelynn Baltierra of MTV’s “Teen Mom OG” joins The Doctors to open up about her struggles with postpartum depression, something over 600,000 women in the U.S. have to deal with each year.

Teen Mom’s Battle with Postpartum

In a Drs. Exclusive Tyler & Catelynn Baltierra from MTV’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ join The Doctors to discuss Catelynn’s struggle with postpartum depression.

How to Support a Depressed Spouse

Tyler & Catelynn Baltierra from MTV’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ share Catelynn’s struggles with postpartum and Tyler gives tips on how to support a depressed spouse.

Drugs to Anorexia: Former Model Tells All

The quest for fame sent Nikki spiraling out of control. Eating disorders, drug abuse, getting raped and losing her mother sent her on a journey to turn her life around.

My Modeling Nightmare

Former model Nikki joins The Doctors to discuss how she overcame a crippling eating disorder and drug addiction in order to get her life back.

Howie Mandel Opens Up About His Germophobia

Comedian, author, and television personality Howie Mandel joins The Doctors to discuss living his life with a severe germ phobia. And The Doctors conduct a test to see just how dirty the average hand is. Check out the results.

Phobia Cure in an Hour?!

Like millions of Americans, Howie Mandel suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, and several phobias. Life strategist Gary Coxe joins Howie and The Doctors to discuss how phobias can be easily retrained in our brains.

Can Howie Overcome his Phobias?

Life strategist Gary Coxe joins Howie Mandel and The Doctors to discuss the possibility of helping Howie overcome some of his phobias.

Debate Withdrawal Is Real!

The final presidential debate was Wednesday and you might actually experience some withdrawal once the debates and election are over. The Doctors discuss what you can do to combat the feelings that you might experience.

Could Your Boss Be a Psychopath?!

The Doctors discuss a recent study on corporate professionals which found that 1 in 5 CEO’s are pyschopaths! Are you working for one?

Everyone is Reading your "Sexts"

The Doctors discuss a new study that shows 1 in 4 “sexts” are seen by other people. How can you protect yourself?

Cure Phobias in an Hour?

Comedian Bill Engvall opens up about his fear of snakes. Life Strategist Gary Coxe is going to try and cure Bill’s phobia of snakes in just an hour. Can it be done?