Depression - Videos

I’ve Been Hoarding My Entire Life: Update

Find out how Jessica, a lifelong hoarder, is doing after getting help from Dorothy the Organizer and psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow. Has she managed to remain clutter-free?

Are Schizophrenics More at Risk to Commit Violent Crimes?

Psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow explains if schizophrenics are more likely to commit violent crimes.

Does Climate Change Affect Your Mental Health?

A new report says climate change can affect our mental health, too.

Woman Addicted to Exercise Heads to Treatment

After bravely coming forward with her exercise addiction, The Doctors offer Erin the opportunity to get the treatment she needs in order to take control of her life again.

Intervention for Woman Addicted to Exercise

Can The Doctors help Erin find the help she needs to take control of her exercise addiction?

Woman Addicted to Exercise Works out 8 Hours a Day

Erin is consumed with exercising, many days working out for up to 8 hours. She’s come to The Doctors for help with her addiction.

Is There Hope for Woman Addicted to Exercise?

The Doctors examine how Erin’s extreme exercise schedule is affecting her mental and physical health.

Good News for Woman Addicted to Exercise?

The Doctors share some positive news with Erin regarding her extreme exercise addiction.

11 Signs of Stress

If you are feeling overwhelmed and feeling stressed out, these are 11 of the physical symptoms your body will commonly present.

Woman's 50-Year Nail Biting Habit Is Ruining Her Life

Lisa’s nail biting obsession has taken over her life and destroyed her nails, and it's also affecting her teeth. She has come to The Doctors in hopes of finding a solution.

Can Woman’s 50-Year Nail Biting Habit Be Treated?

Psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow helps Lisa with her uncontrollable nail biting, but will his techniques solve her almost lifelong obsession?

Deep Brain Stimulation to Treat OCD?

Neurosurgeon Dr. David Vansickle explains how he used deep brain stimulation to help ease Amanda and Sara’s extreme obsessive compulsive disorder.

Can Twins with Crippling OCD Spend the Night Apart?

Life strategist Gary Coxe challenges the sisters to do something they have not done in 15 years â€" spend a night apart. Can they successfully separate from each other for the night?

Twins Imprisoned by Their OCD

Twins Amanda and Sara are being held captive by their crippling obsessive compulsive disorder.

Self-Pleasuring to Help with Depression?

Could masturbation help with your depression? The Doctors weigh in on the idea of treating your blues by self-pleasuring.

Help for Man Suffering from PTSD

Psychotherapist Erin Foster and Thomas Isbell and Pat Manley from Sabino Recovery join The Doctors in an effort to help Michael manage his post-traumatic stress disorder.

Man Crippled by PTSD After Being Shot 5 Times

After being shot 5 times, Michael is struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder and wants to regain control of his life.

Surprises for Woman Shot in the Face

Psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow helps Brittany manage the trauma and lasting effects of being shot while trying to save her suicidal father.

Can Dr. Nita Landry Get over Her Fear of Dogs?

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry has a real fear of dogs. The Doctors send her to phobia expert Gary Coxe to see if she can overcome this lifelong phobia.

PTSD Procedure Changed These Military Sexual Assault Survivors

Alicia and Toni join The Doctors with Debra and pain management specialist Dr. Eugene Lipoff to share their amazing breakthroughs.

Prepping for Doomsday?

Would you buy a survival condo for the end of the world? Larry, the developer of the bunker condos, joins The Doctors to take us inside and share who is buying these stylish end of the world living spaces.

Survivors of Military Sexual Assault Open Up About PTSD

One in five military women will be victims of sexual violence. Meet Alicia and Toni, two other military sexual assault survivors who both have had incredible life changes after undergoing PTSD procedures.

Military Sexual Trauma Survivor has PTSD Breakthrough

When we met Debra earlier in the season she was struggling with crippling PTSD, homelessness, and physical pain. Debra joins The Doctors with pain management specialist Dr. Eugene Lipoff to talk about her incredible breakthroughs since her last visit

The Psychology of Doomsday Prep

Psychiatrist Dr. Domenick Sportelli weighs in on whether or not it’s healthy to prep for the end of days. Could prepping actually be a healthy coping mechanism?

Obsessed with a Serial Killer?

Claudia Rowe, author of “The Spider & the Fly,” joins The Doctors with forensic psychologist Dr. Judy Ho to discuss Claudia’s obsession with a serial killer who she started exchanging letters with from jail.

Having THIS could save your life

The Doctors reveal the one thing you need to never give up.

Will Jessica Head to Rehab?!

The Doctors offer Jessica an incredible opportunity to head to a rehab facility tailored to health, wellness and mindfulness. Will she go?

Mass Shooting Survivor Lives with PTSD

Shelly is trying to reclaim her life after a mass shooting at the Washington State mall where she worked. Her PTSD is making it difficult to move forward.

I Survived a Mass Shooting

There are more mass shooting in the United States than any other country in the world? Meet Shelly who survived one of these tragedies and lives with the torment every day.

Surprises for Mass Shooting Survivor

Shelly survived a traumatic mass shooting and she bravely shares her story. The Doctors and PTSD specialist Dr. Eugene Lipov have some surprises in store for Shelly and her family.