Diabetes - Management

Are You Testing Your Urine Enough?

Find out how this test can help you manage your condition.

The Dangers of Diabetes in Women

The number of Americans with diabetes has climbed into the millions and is now the fifth deadliest disease, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

Diabetes and Heart Disease

Find out how diabetes and heart disease are related and what you can do to reduce your risk.

Diabetes Complications: Symptoms To Watch For

Attention to details can help prevent the devastating consequences of uncontrolled and unchecked diabetes.

Travel Checklist for Your Diabetic Child

Here are some general tips to make sure your child s diabetes is cared for if he or she is away from home.

Could Nerve Damage Be Affecting Your Digestion?

Learn more about this complication of diabetes.

Diabetes Caregiver Guide

Here, you ll find diet and exercise tips to help your loved one successfully manage his or her condition

Could You Have Pre-Diabetes?

Find out the 411 on pre-diabetes.

Uncontrolled Diabetes: What Can Happen

The complications of the disease may sound daunting, but fortunately, lifestyle changes can help prevent them.

Gastric Bypass Surgery for Teens with Type 2 Diabetes: A Sensible Solution?

Find out if this operation is a smart move for teens with the disease.

Vitamin D Levels and Kids With Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetic children are found to be lacking Vitamin D. So it is more important than ever to ensure they take their vitamins, get some sun, and eat some fish.

Obesity and Diabetes: The Link and the Solution

Learn more about the undeniable relationship between the two.

Obesity and Diabetes: The Link and the Solution

Learn more about the undeniable relationship between the two.

Do You Need a Diabetes Specialist?

Do you need a specialist for your disease, or is your primary care physician enough?

Diabetes-Friendly Desserts

With some careful planning and moderation, the pleasure of something sweet can be yours.

Celebrities With Diabetes and How They Manage It

Learn how the famous deal with their condition.

Foods to Avoid if You Have Diabetes

It's best to steer clear of the following fare.

Managing Diabetes At Home

Your home is the perfect place to build a foundation of healthy food choices, ongoing physical activity, and regular blood glucose testing.

Surprisingly Safe Foods for Diabetics

A diagnosis of diabetes doesn t necessarily mean sugar is out of the question.

Planning for Diabetic Emergencies

It's best to abide by the Boy Scouts motto: Be prepared.

Glucose Meters: New Technologies Coming Soon

The idea of pricking your finger could soon be ancient history.

Traveling with Diabetes

By taking certain precautions, you can enjoy your time away from home in a safe and healthy manner.

Managing Diabetes at Work

With the right knowledge and preparation, you can properly care for your condition while on the job.

Making Wise Carb Choices

There's no need to abandon carbs completely. It's all a matter of selecting the right ones.

Are You a Sugar Addict?

Sweet tooth or addiction? Find out for yourself.

Is There Such a Thing as Healthy Fast Food?

"Fast food" and "healthy": Is it possible for these two things to go together?

Understanding the Role of Fat in Type 2 Diabetes

New research may be changing the way we view fat's relation to diabetes.

Glucose Meters: What You Should Know Before Making a Purchase

Here are important factors to consider before investing in one.

Sugar Shockers: Seemingly Safe Foods that Aren't

Think these foods are safe? Think again.

Diabetes and Alcohol: Is it OK?

Does a diagnosis of diabetes mean alcohol is out of the question? Find out now.