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Simple Steps to Senior Fitness

Whether you re a senior yourself or have a special one in your life, read on for simple ways to get in shape remember, a little can go a long way.

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Sports Drink or Water: What s the Better Choice?

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The Best Exercises for Diabetics

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Wear This to Burn More Calories

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Give Yourself a Metabolism Makeover

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Get Fit in 10 Minutes

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The Heart Benefits of Walking

If heart health is your concern, take a hike, literally.

Water Safety Smarts

Whether your favorite water sport is swimming, watersking, rafting, or canoeing, these important safety precautions will keep your fun from heading downstream.

4 Ways to Avoid Exercise Injuries

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Bicycling Tips for Beginners

Here's how to make cycling for beginners fun, safe, and easier than falling off.

Walking for Diabetes

Get fitter and healthier with the easiest diabetes exercise walking.

Choosing a Running Shoe: Advice From an Expert

Chris Bergland, winner of three triple ironman competitions and a Guinness World Record holder for the most distance covered on a treadmill in 24 hours (153.76 miles), talks about the importance of a perfect fit and how a sneaker that s wrong for your foot will surely sabotage your fitness efforts.

Have You Joined the Wii Fit Frenzy?

Can you get in shape sitting on the couch? No. How about by standing in front of it? Quite possibly, if you own a Wii Fit.

What Your Sweating Says About Your Fitness Level

Whether you mist up during a workout or get completely drenched, sweating is your body s way of keeping your temperature in check. Read on to find learn more about this natural process and what it says about the state of your health.

5 Cardio Exercises That Won't Destroy Your Knees

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The Best Foods to Eat Before a Workout

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How to Burn More Calories in Less Time

If you're looking for a way past a weight loss plateau or hoping for a jumpstart, here are a few tips for burning more calories in less time.

Walking Is Healthier Than You May Think

You can expect to live a longer, healthier life, simply by walking out the door.

3 Fun Ways to Burn Calories Outdoors

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