Fitness and Exercise - Yoga & Alternative Workouts

8 Kinds of Yoga

With so many styles, studios, and classes out there, how do you know which style of yoga is right for you? We’re here to make that decision a little bit easier.

6 New Fitness Trends

Suspension training, HIIT, parkour, and more to help your body and mind beat back exercise boredom.

6 Hot Fitness Trends for 2015

From ActivMotion to wearable trackers, what s happening in workouts.

Reap the Benefits Of Tai Chi

Explore tai chi (pronounced tie chee ), the exercise that combines breathing, meditation, movement, and strength.

Apartment Living: 7 Tips for Exercise Etiquette

We all know exercise is good for your health, but noisy equipment or workout routines may be disrupting your neighbors. Here's how to politely work up a sweat.

Daily Stretches to Help You Feel Your Best

Reducing the risk of injury is just one of the benefits of a good stretch. Read on for simple stretches to keep you flexible from head to toe.

Keep Age-Related Weight Gain in Check

Can't exercise like you used to? Follow this five-part strategy to stave off weight gain as get older.

The Real Reason You Don't Like Exercise

Science offers clues as to why some people look forward to exercise while others avoid it at all costs.

Healthy Holiday Gifts to Give and Get

Find fantastic gifts to match every budget that provide the extra lift of supporting good health.

Fitness Trend Alert: Get Into Laughter Yoga

Is laughter the best medicine? Members of "Laughter Clubs" that span the globe heartily chuckle, "Yes!"

Barre and Ballet Workouts: Get a Leg Up on Fitness

If you're looking for a new twist on a classic workout and you're into dance, Pilates, or yoga, then a barre or ballet workout might be perfect for you.

Are You Ready to Aero Jump?

Aero Jump is a jump rope-based workout developed by ex-boxer Michael Olajide, Jr. It's fun and fast-paced, but it's anything but child's play.

The Most Popular Types of Yoga

Among the many popular types of yoga offered at studios and gyms, one style might make you break a sweat in a super-hot room, while another might be mellow and cool.

Kangoo Jumps: The Latest Fitness Craze

Special fitness boots attached to a spring system let you jog, dance, or even do aerobics with very little impact and a whole lot of bounce.

Hula-Hooping: Not Just Child's Play

Hula-hooping isn't just for kids anymore. Fitness experts say it can provide boot camp-quality exercise.

5 Inexpensive Workouts

Try these creative ways to exercise that are good for your body and easy on your wallet.

Mudding: The Newest Trend in Athletic Endeavor

"Mudding" is a growing trend in which the cardiovascular demands of a long-distance run is coupled with the physical demands of a military-style obstacle course and the carefree atmosphere of a summer-time musical festival.

Get a Great Workout

A new trend is sweeping the fitness world, from military bases to gyms. Stick your feet in the straps or grab on to the handles and begin your total body workout.

Kickbox Your Way to a Better Body

Kickboxing is a total-body, booty-kicking workout that's fun, makes you fast on your feet, and kicks you into the best shape of your life.

Could Belly Dancing be for You?

Belly dancing is sensuous, alluring and one heck of a workout. This ancient dance form is quickly becoming the latest fitness trend, but can it really get you in shape?

Bikram Yoga: Too Hot to Handle?

Hot (or Bikram) yoga involves an unchanging sequence of 26 postures practiced over a 90-minute session in a hot, humid room. The idea is that heat the will cause the body to flush out impurities and become better conditioned over time. But is this practice too hot and dangerous to handle?

Are You Ready for Pole Dance Fitness?

Ready for a form of exercise that combines dance, gymnastics, and acrobatics for an intense workout of your abs, glutes, biceps, and quads? Then you're ready for pole dancing.

Want to Get in Shape? Start Gardening

Gardening is more than just an enjoyable outdoor hobby. It's a real way to get fit.

Jazzercise: Dance Your Way To Fitness

If you're sick of the same old aerobics class and looking for something more motivating than the treadmill, this special form of fitness might just be your solution.

What Kettlebells Will Do for Your Workout

If you've ever worked out with one of these cast iron balls, you know why. If you've never tried them, now may be the time to start.

Have You Joined the Zumba Party?

Zumba isn't just the latest fitness craze; it's a way of transforming fitness into pure fun.

8 Great Floor Exercises

Roll out the mat, and get down on the floor. We've got eight yoga and Pilates-inspired floor exercises to target your arms, legs, abs, glutes, and back.

Too Busy to Work Out? Try These Tips

Read on for eight ways to fit a workout into your day even if you re convinced you re maxed out on time.

5 Ways to Improve Your Balance

How do we find more balance in our bodies? Start by trying these five fun balance exercises they re fun, easy, and can be performed right in your living room.

Have You Joined the Wii Fit Frenzy?

Can you get in shape sitting on the couch? No. How about by standing in front of it? Quite possibly, if you own a Wii Fit.