Super saver Dede Z blogs about getting a lot for a little at her website Savings in Seconds and says the best way to stretch your tight budget is by knowing when-and where-to get the best deals on items you're likely to need throughout the year. Here are Dede's top shopping deals for each month:


Put your New Year's resolution into action by investing in sporting goods like ellipticals, treadmills, and stationary bikes. These types of items are often deeply discounted late in January. Toys are also often marked way down this month. Check out local toy stores, discount houses, athletic stores, and online retailers for the best buys. You can also stock up now on left-over holiday decorations and wrapping paper at savings of 75 percent off or more.


Home-goods, discount houses, and furniture stores clear out their furniture stock in February to make way for their spring inventory. This means you can find great markdowns. For extra discounts, purchase the floor samples.


Department and discount stores need to move all of their winter clothing and accessories in March, which translates into great shopping deals for buyers. While sizes and colors may be limited at this point, now is a good time to stock up on essentials like hats, scarves, gloves, and coats that won't go out of style.


Get your ticket to visit exotic ports in April. Many cruise lines and travel sites offer better shopping deals at this time of year. Shop around for the best travel offers to your favorite destinations.


Wake up in May to some great deals on mattresses. Since this month is known for graduations and weddings, many retailers will offer shopping deals on such household essentials. Paying cash may give you even more saving power. Try offering cash to negotiate an even better price.


Don't sweat the high cost of a gym membership in June. With the beautiful weather, gym attendance will likely be down so there's more bargaining room for you to get a great deal. You can also negotiate with the fitness center to get some extra perks, such as waiving the membership fee or offering a discount on a family membership.


Cook up a storm in July with some small kitchen appliances, cooking gadgets, and gardening tools. Look for these items at local yard sales where they may be brand new and selling for just a fraction of the original prices. Always carry extra cash with you so you'll be prepared for whatever you find.


Dive into the end of summer by splurging on a new swimsuit, flip-flops, and beach towels at end-of-the-season prices. As discount houses, department stores, and online retailers focus on selling back-to-school clothes and gear, they're sure to offer shopping deals to clear out their summer items.


Check furniture stores and home improvement stores for excellent deals on outdoor furniture in September since many will be making room for new inventory. It's also worth asking for additional savings if you pay in cash.


Forego the tricks and treat yourself to something sweet in October. This is a good month to find blue jeans at as much as 40 percent off now that back-to-school shopping is done. You can also find camping equipment generously discounted as the weather cools. Shop in stores this month or try online. Some websites offer some early-bird deals in advance of Black Friday so take advantage of these and start your Christmas shopping early while selection and supply is still high.


Give thanks in November to the abundance of sales on cookware, tools, and hardware to get your home and kitchen all ready for the holidays. Black Friday usually brings big sales on these items. Look at home good stores, specialty shops, discount houses, department stores and online.


This month it's almost impossible NOT to buy toys or other gifts. If you want to avoid the craziness of the malls, look for online shopping deals through Amazon and other Internet retailers. If you're planning a wedding, this month is also a good time to get your bridal gown since most people will be focused on the holidays, which can make bridal salons more motivated to give you an extra good price.

Dede Z reviewed this article.


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