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The Sepsis Epidemic

An estimated 750,000 Americans get sepsis each year and 28 and 50 percent will die from the infection. Who's at risk for sepsis, and what can be done to prevent it? An estimated 750,000 Americans get sepsis each year—and 28 and 50 percent of these people will die from the infection. What's more, the number of patients being treated for sepsis has increased at an increasingly staggering cost—$17 billion dollars a year—due to a prolonged hospital stay to treat the condition.

6 Ways Men Can Live Longer

Taking care of your health is the single most important way to extend your life. And even though, in general, men tend to have a lousy track record, there are simple ways you can turn that around. According to the Agency for Health Care Quality and Research (AHRQ), men are: 24% less likely than women to have visited a doctor in the past. 22% more likely to have neglected their cholesterol tests. 28% more likely than women to be hospitalized for congestive heart failure.

Health Concerns: How to Keep Family Updated

The Web offers many options for staying connected and keeping loved ones updated on your or your family member's health issues. These methods are fast, easy, and efficient, and you'll know your support network is right there with you as a part of your journey. When Jennifer Wilson Cooper learned she had ovarian cancer, she launched a blog as a way to share her story with others and to make it easy for friends and family to keep up with her progress. Little did she know she'd quickly-and dramatically-expand her circle of friends (you can follow Cooper's journey on her blog, Four Seeds, which is featured in Quality Health's free cancer newsletter and on the QualityHealth.

Marijuana for Pain Relief

Recent study confirms pain relief benefits of marijuana. The first U.S. clinical trials in more than two decades on the medical benefits of marijuana confirm the herb is effective in reducing muscle spasms associated with multiple sclerosis and pain caused by certain neurological injuries or illnesses, according to a recent report issued by Igor Grant, a psychiatrist who directs the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research at the University of California-San Diego.

Share Your Story. Become a Health Hero.

Have you or a loved one survived a life-threatening disease? Are you currently struggling with depression, chronic pain, heart disease, or other health-related condition? Have you gone to extraordinary lengths to help someone in a health crisis? If so, we want to hear from you! Would you like to inspire thousands by sharing your story? There are no better, more inspiring stories than those that are personal. At QualityHealth, we understand that you, our readers, have your own tales that are both unique and powerful, but most importantly, can serve as an inspiration to others.

Causes of Penis Pain

An overview of the most common causes of penis pain and treatment. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) describes penis pain or penile pain as any pain or discomfort in the penis. Pain can range from mild to severe and may affect different areas of the penis and be accompanied by other symptoms such as burning or lesions.

Healthy Teeth and Living Longer: What s the Connection?

Clean teeth and healthy gums might be your first line of defense against other diseases. Learn more. As a kid, brushing your teeth may have seemed like a hassle, but as an adult, you should be aware of how important healthy teeth and gums really are. Oral health goes hand in hand with your overall health. Think of your mouth as a window to your body's health.

HIV/AIDS: Myths vs. Reality

More than 25 years since scientists discovered AIDS, myths about the virus still abound. Here, we dispel the top eight misconceptions. When cases of HIV/AIDS were first identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 1981, the disease didn't even have an official name yet. Often referred to as Kaposi's sarcoma or gay-related immune deficiency (GRID), it would take another year for the virus to earn an official name and for scientists to discover that the disease wasn't limited to the gay population.

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