6 Quick Hair Loss Treatments

Did someone forget to let scientists know it's 2009? In 2004 they boldly predicted that a cure for baldness would arrive in about five years, due to stem cells that could regenerate hair growth. Men (and women) suffering from baldness eagerly awaited the cure, but, as of now, there's no cure for hair loss. Common remedies such as hair transplants and topical creams can take what seems like forever to make a difference. Sometimes, you just need a cheap-and-quick hair loss treatment. Here are six options you can try:

Use Hair Loss Concealers. The first generation of these quick hair loss treatments were basically little more than sprays that filled in your bald spot with a color similar to your own hair. Newer generations of hair concealers, such as those with microfibre, give your own remaining hair a fuller appearance and minimize the appearance of balding in less than a minute. They retail between $14 and $50. You can use a combination of the old-school spray and the microfibre concealer for even better results.

Stop Wearing Hats. Sometimes hair loss is due to traction alopecia, a condition caused by certain hairstyles such as cornrows or ponytails, or by constantly wearing hats or other headgear. If any of these hair don'ts apply to you, the most sensible quick hair loss treatment is to give up these headgears. It will prevent further loss and, if you stop soon enough, your hair might grow back.

Wear A Hat. If your baldness is due to factors other than alopecia, this is still a quick hair loss treatment that works. Thankfully, it's not just baseball caps that are in fashion any more. Break out the Kangol or a Fedora when you're out and about to conceal your bare dome. If the throwback "dandy" fashion trend from across the pond in England catches on here, there may soon be even more hip head accessories for men in the near future.

Shave It All Off. As women will tell you, Michael Jordan, Yul Brynner, and Telly Savalas (Kojak) have shown other mere mortals that bald can be sexy. This quick hair loss treatment is also a welcome remedy for the dreaded comb over or comb back. If you're uneasy about whether baldness would suit you, some websites such as Dailymakeover.com and Stellure.com enable you to virtually test out hundreds of different hairstyles in 3D.

Try A Hair Replacement System. Otherwise known as wigs for men, these quick hair loss treatments have come a long way since the toupee. They're custom made, and come in human or synthetic hair. Hair replacement systems are available in a variety of hair textures, lengths and colors, and you can even order one with less density if you're older and want a more realistic look. They're designed to stay on your head for several weeks, and you can wash and groom them as well.

Consider Scalp Reduction Surgery. Also referred to as alopecia reduction surgery, this quick hair loss treatment can have immediate results, although you have to allow time for healing and you'll notice even better results in a few months. During this hair loss treatment a surgeon removes bald scalp and stretches scalp with hair to replace the excised bald area. Scalp reduction surgery can be performed alone or in combination with a hair transplant for better results, according to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.