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New Developments in Down Syndrome Research

Promising treatments on the horizon may help improve the cognitive abilities of those with Down syndrome. People with Down syndrome exhibit mild to moderate learning disabilities that are caused by an extra 21st chromosome. While in the past it was believed not much could be done to address the cognitive problems associated with this condition, this fact has changed recently.

6 Myths About Down Syndrome

While most individuals with Down syndrome enjoy happy, fulfilling lives, much misinformation surrounds this genetic condition. While many people with Down syndrome are active participants in the educational, vocational, social, and recreational activities of their communities, much misinformation exists about this genetic disorder. To help set the record straight, Cevallos dispels some common Down syndrome myths and facts.

Taking Your Child to the Hospital?

Care for your child with confidence with these 10 tips. Taking your child to the hospital for treatment can be a confusing and emotionally taxing experience. And as a parent, you're required to serve a dual role, as both loving family member and patient advocate. "Parents are an integral part of their child's health-care team, even in the hospital," says Karen Bergan, parent leader and chairwoman of the Family Advisory Council at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York-Presbyterian.

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