Top 5 Grooming Mistakes for Men

Are you that guy who walks into a room looking so good, with so much self-confidence, that all eyes are on you? Or are you the guy people take one look at and turn the other way?

Consider the following top grooming mistakes the next time you are getting ready for an important event.

1. Wearing too much cologne

A few extra spritzes of cologne can turn even the subtlest of scents into an embarrassing and nauseating cloud of fumes.

Solution: All you need is two to three sprays in the right places. Targeting pulse points on the wrists and behind the ears should be enough to keep you going all day and night.

2. Using too much hair gel

Piling on so much hair gel so that your hair is gloppy or crunchy is a turn off.

Solution: Go for lighter gels or waxes that create shape and definition while still maintaining a natural appearance, or simply apply less.

3. Combing over thinning hair

We all know that losing your hair can be a killer for your confidence. However, it can be even worse if you try try to hide it. Don't give into conventional wisdom and participate in the comb-over.

Solution: The right haircut can minimize the appearance of bald spots. Some over-the-counter serums have been proven to slow down the process of losing hair. If that's not enough, just shave it clean or go with what you have (with confidence).

4. Ignoring nose and ear hair

While these hairs are important for filtering debris and ultimately keeping the body healthy, when they get overgrown—it can become unsightly. Overgrown nose and ear hair is distracting and unattractive.

Solution: Use a small grooming scissor to keep the hairs trimmed, or get a trim at your barbar shop more often.

5. Dirty, uncut nails

Overgrown, cracked nails are never a good thing. Nails should always be clipped short but never so short as to expose the nail bed, which can be an incredibly painful experience.

Solution: Clean and trim your nails regularly, and even consider treating yourself once every four to six weeks to a manicure in order to get your nails clipped and filed properly, and have your cuticles trimmed down.

Bottom Line

Whether you are going on a date, a job interview, or an important business meeting, you want to look and feel your personal best. Let's face it: you never get a second chance to make a great first impression. On the other hand, when you look your best, making a great first impression is guaranteed.


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