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8 Bad Skin Habits to Break

If your skin looks duller, older, and more uneven than it should, bad choices could be to blame. Break these common habits to bring out big improvements from head to toe.

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How to Beat a Bad Hair Day

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What to Look for in a Winter Moisturizer

Here, 10 tips for finding a moisturizer that will get rid of the dryness, itchiness, and redness that is all-too-common in the winter months.

Is Mineral Makeup the Answer?

Is mineral makeup worth all the hype? Check out these FAQs to find out.

5 Ways to Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks

Certain products and procedures can help to significantly minimize the appearance of this common cosmetic problem.

The Worst Foods for Your Skin

What your dinner plate looks like plays a big role in what your skin looks like.

Varicose Veins: Causes and Cures

Learn about common causes of varicose veins, plus get a leg up on possible treatment options.

Are You Addicted to Tanning Beds?

It's not possible to be addicted to tanning...is it?

Can Yoga Improve Your Sex Life?

Study finds that yoga and mindfulness meditation can improve the sex lives of women.

Eating Your Way to Healthy Hair

Fruits, vegetables, and even buffalo can help you realize success with your tresses.

In Search of the Right Multivitamin

Follow these guidelines to solve the multivitamin mystery.

10 Dead-of-Winter Fitness Motivators

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10 Fattest Jobs in America for Men and Women

Sure, your diet and exercise schedules can contribute to your weight. But who knew that your job could, too?

10 Strangest Beauty Tips of All Time

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17 Slim-Down Secrets That Really Work

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Is 70 the New 30?

Think you're too old to accomplish something? Follow these tips to defy your age and live a longer, healthier life.

Is Your Beauty Routine Toxic?

Buyer beware. Ingredients in some of these popular cosmetic products have been linked to dangerous and sometimes deadly side effects.

Cosmetic Surgery 101

From nose and eye jobs to breast enlargement and liposuction, cosmetic surgery is on the rise. Here, a guide to some of the nation's most popular procedures.

The Top 7 Skin Care Myths Busted

Before you splurge on the latest anti-wrinkle cream or step inside a tanning booth, check out these common misconceptions.

8 Eco-Friendly Beauty Tips

Concerned about safety and the environment, many women are embracing "natural beauty." Check out these easy ways to start going green.

6 Habits That Can Help You Live Longer

These daily behaviors can boost your health and increase your longevity.

Fatness vs. Fitness

How important is weight in determining good health?

8 Behaviors That Add Years to Your Appearance

A few simple changes can help take years off your appearance.

6 Surprising Uses for Botox

There's more to Botox than just a pretty face. Doctors are now using the injectable to treat a variety of serious medical conditions.