You've heard of being allergic to dust, pollen and pets, which are common triggers that can make you sneeze, cough and feel miserable. But did you know that even modern technology can be to blame for causing your allergies to kick in?

Some people today who are reliant on the latest technological items such as iPods and cell phones are finding out the hard way that they are actually allergic to these favorite devices.

iPod Itch

It may be difficult for you to imagine life without your cell phone or your iPod. But if suffer from iPod allergies or iPod itch, which is a rash or itchy bumps that can occur on your cheeks, ear or even your fingertips, you may want to rethink your priorities.

While an iPod may look like a harmless piece of technology that allows you to listen to your favorite songs wherever you go, for those with an iPod allergy, the uncomfortable rash that it causes can be difficult to ignore. Cell phones can also cause the same reaction, leaving people who experience the discomfort scrambling to find some other form of communication that doesn't extract such a high toll.

Tech Allergies

With increasing numbers of people with cell phones and iPods experiencing similar symptoms, some doctors recently named the reaction "mobile phone dermatitis" or "tech allergies." No matter what you call it, though, the culprit behind iPod allergies of iPod itch is actually the nickel that is contained in the case that houses most iPods and also cell phones. People who are particularly sensitive to nickel are especially prone to breaking out in this allergic rash when they hold the iPod or cell phone near their ear or face.

Buyer Beware

This is not the first time that doctors have spoken out against the hazards of modern technology. There have also been warnings in the past about the dangers inherent in frequent long-term exposure to wireless devices, as well as to the increased risk of accidents happening as a result of people being distracted when they drive or walk while using such items. But while these other dangers may feel more abstract to some iPod and cell phone devotees, the effects of the iPod itch is more visible, making it harder to ignore.

Warning Sign

It is also worth pointing out that while most people with iPod allergies experience many contact dermatitis symptoms, it is important to know that for people who are also very allergy prone to other things, using technology gadgets that contain nickel can increase overall sensitivity in some cases. So while you may only get a rash from your iPod, you may find yourself reacting more strongly to other allergy triggers that can cause nasal and respiratory symptoms as well.

What You Can Do

Finally, while you can't cure a nickel allergy, if you find that the itch is more than you can scratch yet you don't want to give up your iPod or cell phone, you can try using a headphone to keep the device away from your face and see if that helps keep the worst of your symptoms at bay.