10 Most Miserable Cities in America

Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Depressed? Did you ever think that where you live could be making you miserable? According to experts, environmental factors can have a major impact on your mood. And if you live in a dangerous place or a city known for high stress levels, it's possible that your location could be dragging you down, too.

We compiled a list of 10 miserable cities, based on their suicide rates (according to the Big Cities Health Inventory report, issued by the National Association of County and City Health Officials), their violent crime rates, and how stressful the city is (according to Sperling's Best Places rankings). Cities that had an overall poor quality of life, as rated by the Cities Ranked & Rated book, were also considered slightly more miserable than their counterparts.

How miserable is your city? The following are our top 10 miserable metropolitan areas.

1. Miami, Florida.

Miami was the most miserable city by scoring poorly in nearly all categories. It was first in violent crime, second in stress levels, and seventh in suicides.

2. Detroit, Michigan.

Though the Motor City had the lowest suicide rate of the ten on this list, its overall quality of life and stress levels helped it grab the number-two most miserable spot.

3. Mesa, Arizona.

Despite its sunny, warm climate, Mesa is a pretty miserable place. Its high crime and suicide rates earned it a top spot on our list.

4. Phoenix, Arizona.

Mesa's big sister suffers from similar problems. Urban sprawl and poor public transportation contribute to traffic congestion and high stress in Arizona's biggest city. The crime doesn't help, either.

5. Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Albuquerque's biggest problem is violent crime, particularly related to gang and drug violence.

6. Jacksonville, Florida.

Jacksonville is similarly plagued by gang violence, which contributes to its above-average homicide rate.

7. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sin City is known for gambling, drinking, and adult entertainment, but it also has the highest number of suicides per capita and an extraordinary amount of violent crime, including murders. 

8. Fresno, California.

Fresno's long commutes, depreciating home values, and below-average incomes contribute to high stress levels for residents.

9. Houston, Texas.

This sprawling Texas city has seen a spike in crime since 2005 and has been hit particularly hard by violent crime in recent years.

10. Charlotte, North Carolina.

Even southern hospitality can't make up for the high crime and suicide rates in North Carolina's largest city.