Feng Shui Your Way to a Better Mood

The art of Feng Shui (fŭng shwā) revolves around the idea that everything is energy and making positive changes in your environment increases energy and focuses your intention. According to the website Feng Shui and Beyond, whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, you've probably had the experience of walking into a place that just "feels good."

Often, a few small changes—Feng Shui or other—can add tranquility to your personal environment by increasing ambience, functionality, safety, appearance, or positive energy. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Open two to three windows wide for five minutes several times a day, creating a cross draft and filling your house with fresh air.

2. Group your furniture to facilitate conversation. By rearranging furniture, you may also find you have more space than you thought.

3. Add high-efficiency air filters to reduce allergens or asthma symptoms.

4. Grow plants to improve oxygen levels and filter unwanted chemicals from the air, especially in the bathroom.

5. Add ceiling fans to conserve energy and circulate cool air in the summer warm air in winter (use the reverse mode). You might lower the summertime temperature in a room as much as eight degrees.

6. Eliminate or soften sharp corners and angles where possible to prevent injury.

7. Use exhaust or ventilating fans to prevent mold or mildew.

8. Increase the size of your bedside task lamp for easier reading.

9. Add dimmer switches where wiring supports it. Controlling lighting makes tasks easier and can create ambience.

10. Add lights under cabinets or over sinks and stovetops to illuminate your work area.

11. Incorporate seasonal colors and accessories in your decorating scheme.

12. Use area rugs to hide stains or worn carpeting.

13. Add wind chimes. Wind chime melodies create a sense of peace and tranquility.

14. Use cloth napkins. They're nicer than paper napkins, more economical, and better for the environment.

15. Add shelving, stackable containers, drawer dividers, and turntables to organize items and reduce clutter. Remember: clutter can significantly affect your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

16. Store your clothes with lavender or cedar wood to prevent moths and keep them smelling fresh.

17. Add a constant, relaxing sound in your bedroom to soothe you to sleep and block annoying noises.

18. Use blinds or curtains that block light and keep your bedroom dark. You'll sleep better and wake feeling refreshed.




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