10 Intimate Secrets Men Wish You Knew

He may never come out and say it, but chances are your special someone wishes you knew certain things that would make him feel more special, sexy, and confident about your relationship. Just because he won't tell you himself doesn't mean he won't love it when you

1. Develop sex signals. "Some couples have their own secret or personal ways of telling each other they're interested in having sex," says Terri Orbuch, Ph. D., author of Five Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great. "Develop a signal to tell him you're interested, and then use it in public."

2. Buy and wear sexy lingerie, says April Masini, relationship expert and author of Think & Date Like a Man. "You have no idea how happy that makes a guy," Masini says. "They will work harder to make you happy if you wear a thong."

3. Introduce some new ideas into your sexual relationship, Orbuch says. "Novelty and newness are important to both passionate love and sexuality for men, and it doesn't have to be a dramatic shift or change," she says. So be creative, and open to new ideas.

4. Pick up some bottles of scented massage oils and a book on massage tips, she advises. Or buy a sex boy, pick up a romantic aboard game for couples, or just change the place where you usually have sex.

5. Dress up and wear a pretty scent. "Guys like it when you smell and look great," Masini says. "Go the distance to look good."

6. Initiate sex, suggests Orbuch. "Guys dig romance," she says. "Use the element of surprise and woo him once in awhile."

7. Ask him to describe his sexual fantasies to you. "Ask him what he'd like," Orbuch says. "You can merely discuss the fantasy or even participate in it as long as it doesn't lead to any discomfort."

8. Touch him. "Even if you've been married for 10 years and lived together for three years before that and have done and seen everything together, guys still love it when you caress them, hold their hand, and kiss them," Masini says.

9. Indulge him, because he's really a softy. "Remember, guys aren't tough cookies," Masini says. "Once in awhile, when he's feeling down, you need to put the Bandaid on for your guy."

10. Talk about sex, in and out of the bedroom, Orbuch says. "Talk about what makes you feel exciting," she advises.