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Sex and Multiple Sclerosis

Typical sexual problems MS patients face, and how they’re often treated. The effects of multiple sclerosis can be wide ranging, and sexual issues are no exception. The great news is that thanks to improving therapies, fewer and fewer people with MS are so incapacitated that they are completely unable to perform sexually. The bad news is that anywhere from 50 percent to 90 percent of all people with MS still find their sex lives are impacted by the disease to at least some degree.

Could Caffeine Delay Multiple Sclerosis?

Two studies link coffee consumption with a lower risk of MS. Could consuming caffeine reduce your chances of developing multiple sclerosis? New research suggests it's possible. Ellen Mowry, MD, MCR, of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, looked at the results of two large studies, one on Sweden, and one in the U.

6 Exciting Developments in Multiple Sclerosis Research

What s on the horizon for MS patients? Multiple sclerosis (commonly referred to as MS) is a disease where the immune system attacks the brain and spinal cord, causing an array of symptoms that range from mild to severe. Fatigue is the most common, along with pain and cognitive changes, while tremors, hearing loss, and seizures are less common but do occur.

Multiple Sclerosis by the Numbers

From who s affected to how many medications are available, a look at the latest stats. A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, a chronic disease of the nervous system that affects both the brain and spinal cord, is not as grim as it used to be. In fact, "We now have many strategies to address some of the symptoms of MS through rehabilitation, lifestyle changes, and improved health care," says Nicholas LaRocca, Ph.

6 Lifestyle Factors That May Affect MS

The latest research on the role of diet, supplements, and more in multiple sclerosis. For patients managing multiple sclerosis—a chronic condition in which the immune system attacks the brain, spine, and optic nerves—adopting longterm, healthy lifestyle behaviors may play an important role in managing symptoms and improving quality of life.

Salt Intake May Worsen Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Ongoing research shows salt increases the number of a specific type of immune cells associated with autoimmune diseases (like MS), resulting in increased inflammation. If you have multiple sclerosis (MS), you might feel better, and fare better in the long run, if you cut salty foods from your diet. Multiple sclerosis is a chronic condition in which the patient’s immune system attacks the nervous system—the brain, spine, and optic nerves.

How to Share Your MS Diagnosis

If you've recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, you may be grappling with how best to break the news to family and friends. Here's where to start. There's no easy way to share a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), says Rosalind Kalb, PhD, vice president of Clinical Care at the National MS Society. She points out that MS can affect everyone differently and most families have their own unique communication and coping styles, which means that you'll need to tailor your conversation to your specific situation.

The Link Between Smoking and Brain Function

Sure, cigarettes can do damage to your heart and lungs. But did you know lighting up can take a toll on your mind as well? You're probably well aware that smoking is a significant risk factor for lung cancer and other serious diseases. But did you know it also takes a toll on your brain function? In developing countries, tobacco use is the single largest cause of premature death and memory impairment, which is shown to predict dementia.

Could Acupuncture Help MS?

While some find relief from this ancient form of Chinese medicine, more research is needed to determine its true benefits. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory disease of the brain and spinal cord. It can also cause numbness, cognitive impairment, muscle spasms, depression, and visual and speech problems. Oftentimes, patients seek pain management strategies in addition to traditional drug therapies.

8 Ways to Fight MS-Related Fatigue

Here are actionable steps you can take to deal with this common symptom of multiple sclerosis. Disturbed sleep, depression, symptom flare-ups, overheating, and normal, everyday activities all contribute to the fatigue associated with multiple sclerosis. There are steps you can take in almost every area of your life to help combat these feelings of extreme exhaustion.