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Sinus Infection or Something More?

Pressure in your sinuses is nothing to sneeze at. And when it's accompanied by pain and foul-smelling nasal discharge, it could mean something more. A persistent foul-smelling nasal discharge merits a doctor visit. This is especially true if others can also smell the odor, if it occurs following an upper respiratory infection, and/or it's accompanied by other symptoms such as facial pressure or tooth pain, says Karen H.

Acute vs. Chronic Sinusitis: Understand Your Condition

For many, sinusitis means uncomfortable symptoms that may require the right treatment to overcome. If you've ever had a cold, you know the symptoms: Congestion, pressure, headache, mucus, and a clogged up feeling that leaves you miserable. For many people, those symptoms aren't limited to when they have a cold. Sinusitis affects almost 30 million Americans and some of them have it chronically.

6 Hidden Allergy and Asthma Triggers

Learn to identify the most common culprits so you can breathe easier. For allergy sufferers, attacks can come on suddenly—and seemingly from out of nowhere. But experts are quick to point out that there are a host of hidden allergy triggers that may be causing your wheezing, sneezing, or other symptoms. According to the American Lung Association (ALA), allergy triggers can be hiding inside or outdoors.

Headaches 101

Headaches are among the most common pain symptoms in the world. Learn about the different types of headaches and what causes them. At one time or another, nearly everyone has had a headache. In fact, 70 percent of people have had at least one in the past year. What's more, roughly 45 million Americans suffer from chronic headaches, a condition that costs U.S. companies billions of dollars in lost productivity annually.

12 Tips for an Allergy-Free Vacation

How to keep allergies and asthma from traveling with you. When vacations kick into high gear, allergies and asthma often follow suit. The good news? "There are steps you can take to minimize your symptoms," said Dr. Richard W. Weber, an academy leader and allergist in Denver, Colo. He recommends following these tips from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology: Consider visiting your allergist or immunologist for a physical if you're planning to go on a long vacation.

The Facts About Sinusitis

Sometimes there's a thin line between determining what's a bad cold or a sinus infection. Thankfully, no guess work is needed. Here's what you need to know about this bothersome nasal condition. Your nose is congested and your head aches. Is it a bad cold or a sinus infection? It's often hard to tell the difference, but there are some telltale signs that can help you determine what's causing your symptoms. What is a Sinus Infection? When you have a cold that doesn't seem to get better, you could be suffering from sinusitis, which is another name for a sinus infection.

Nasal Irrigation: A Logical Remedy for Congestion?

This hygienic practice gently flushes the nasal cavity in order to remove excess mucus and debris from the sinuses. The cold and flu season is upon us, and with it comes the annoying, and sometimes debilitating, symptoms of the common cold. One treatment for congestion is nasal irrigation. This hygienic practice flushes the nasal cavity in order to remove excess mucus and debris from the sinuses.

When Seasonal Allergies and Infection Go Hand in Hand

If you're prone to seasonal allergies, you may find that the high pollen count that comes with the warmer weather leaves you coughing and sneezing. It's summertime and living should be easy, right? But if you're prone to seasonal allergies, you may find that the high pollen count that comes with the warmer weather leaves you coughing and sneezing. Worse yet, some doctors now believe that when your allergy symptoms are left untreated, you're at increased risk of them turning into pneumonia or another serious illness.

Easing the Pain of Sinus Infections

Allergies and sinus infections usually go hand in hand—but they can be prevented. Allegies and Infections When it comes to allergies and infections, it isn't unusual for the nasal symptoms that accompany an allergy attack to linger and spread. In fact, you may find that when the sneezing and itchiness lessens, you're left with more intense congestion, a severe headache, and possibly tenderness or pain when you touch your cheeks or forehead.

Seasonal Allergies That Won t Go Away

Do your seasonal allergies seem to last forever? Do your symptoms remain even after the seasons change? If so, then you may actually be suffering from year-round allergies, not just seasonal ones. One out of every four Americans suffers from allergies and asthma caused by indoor and outdoor triggers, according to the Annual U.S. Prevalence Statistics for Chronic Diseases, and while the causes may be different, the symptoms often look and feel the same, making it had to differentiate between the two conditions.

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