Allergies - Management

Can Ingesting Milk Combat a Milk Allergy?

Surprising discoveries have been made about how to potentially eliminate milk allergies.

Rid Your Kitchen of Allergens

Offenders lurking in your kitchen might be aggravating your asthma symptoms, but with some determination, you can eliminate them for good.

The Truth About Allergies and Cross-Reactivity

Get the facts on this potentially dangerous, but manageable, reaction.

Take the Bite Out of an Insect Allergy

No one likes being stung, but insect allergy sufferers need to take extra precaution.

Immunotherapy: Band Aid or Cure?

So you re considering starting allergy shots. But will they work for you to cure your worst symptoms or will they only offer a temporary reprieve?

Preventing Hay Fever Flare Ups

Try these tricks that can help you to manage and even prevent your next attack.

Allergy Control Products for Your Home

If you suffer from allergies, could your home actually be to blame for making you sick? Read on to find out if your triggers are lurking in your living room and how you can choose products that will help to ease your discomfort.

New Allergy Vaccine Could Help Eliminate Hay Fever

A new allergy vaccine on the horizon may be able to help you cure hay fever symptoms quickly and easily.

Could You Have an iPod Allergy?

This popular music player could be aggravating your allergies.

Coping with Kids' Allergies at Camp

When your child attends camp, allergies can be hard to control. Read on to find out how.

Asthma and Other Health Conditions

It's bad enough that you have asthma, but to make matters worse, do you also have to suffer from a variety of other illnesses?

5 Things You Should Know About Using an EpiPen

If you suffer from severe allergic reactions, it is likely your doctor has prescribed an EpiPen, or epinephrine pen, for you to carry with you at all times. When used properly in a medical emergency, this important device can save your life.

Fight Back Against Pollen Allergies

Take these steps to minimize discomfort caused by pollen allergies.

Breaking News in Allergy Management

Researchers are continually discovering new approaches to prevent and treat this chronic condition.

Flying with Nasal Allergies

Flying in an airplane can make nasal allergies worsen. Find out how to alleviate your pain.

Folic Acid: A New Allergy Treatment?

Find out how eating a diet rich in folic acid can help prevent allergies.

Making Sense of Your Scent Allergies

If you go well out of your way to avoid the perfume counter at the mall and the mere thought of smelling potpourri makes your eyes water, chances are you have scent allergies.

Are Your Allergies Keeping You Awake?

Take these simple steps to allergy proof your room so that you can rest easier.

Take Control of Your Allergies

It's official: you have allergies and your doctor has even helped you to identify your biggest triggers. But what next?

Can Allergy Drops Help Ease Your Pain?

Find out how this new treatment is helping thousands.

Will Allergy Shots Work for You?

Find out if this popular treatment can help ease your symptoms.

Do You Have a Gluten Allergy?

If you suffer from a range of uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms every time you eat foods containing wheat, rye, malt, barley and oats, a gluten allergy could be to blame for your distress.

Control the Allergy Itch

No matter how hard you scratch, you can't make the feeling go away. Here's some information you can use to help narrow in on the cause of this itch and some tips to help you keep it at bay.

Take Control of Your Seasonal Allergies

Find ways to manage your allergies.

Allergy or Sinus Infection?

If you started off with allergy symptoms that seem to have worsened into a headache, pressure and pain in your face that just won't go away, it may be time to visit your doctor. You could have a sinus infection that needs to be treated with antibiotics.

Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin

If you suffer from a skin allergy, you know all too well how much the severe dryness and itching can disrupt your daily lifestyle. You are probably willing to try anything that will offer some relief from the symptoms so you can feel comfortable in your own skin, literally.

Seasonal Allergies That Won t Go Away

Do your seasonal allergies seem to last forever? Do your symptoms remain even after the seasons change? If so, then you may actually be suffering from year-round allergies, not just seasonal ones.

Professional Golfers Refuse to Let Allergies Steer Them Off Course

There isn't much that can stop Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods not even the troublesome symptoms of a full blown allergy attack.

Allergy Shots Help Keep Symptoms in Check

Wish you could get your allergies under control once and for all? If so, getting regular shots to desensitize or "turn off" your reaction to various allergy triggers may be a worthwhile treatment option to explore.

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