10 Sneaky Ways to Fit in Exercise

Spare time is at a premium these days. If you find it difficult to find time to wor kout, worry not; we've provided you with calorie-burning gold.

1. Rise and stretch. While in bed, position yourself so that your right foot is on the opposite side of your left knee. Then, twist your body to the right without overextending. Hold for 15 seconds. Repeat on your left side. Next, stand for a simple full-body stretch. With fingers interlocked, reach your arms overhead and stretch through the fingers and toes. Hold the stretch for approximately 30 seconds. Bring your chest to your knees to stretch your hamstrings. Be sure not to put too much stress on your lower back.

2. Crunches on the commute. While commuting to work, simply contract your abs and hold for as long as you can and repeat for as long as you can.

3. Less time, more speed. Instead of pushing out one really great set and then striking up a conversation with your workout partner, or moseying over to the water fountain, do what are called "super-sets."

Intersperse a set of one exercise with that of another without taking a break. You'll not only save time, but you keep your heart rate up resulting in more calories spent.

4. Take the stairs. According to the Calorie Control Council (CCC), a 150 pound person can burn up to 10 calories a minute climbing stairs. So go and visit your friend on the fourth floor or skip the elevator at work.

5. Walk at work. Use your lunch wisely and go on a 15-minute walk. According to the CCC, for someone weighing 150 pounds, a leisurely stroll will result in 68 calories burned.

 6. Spring cleaning. Just a half hour of cleaning can burn up to 75 calories. Put on some upbeat music and lose yourself in the sound of your favorite tunes as you organize your environment.

7. Incorporate activity into your vacation or business trip. On your next business trip, plan a walk or go on a biking tour of the city. Heading to a resort with the family? No problem. Make windsurfing, surfing, or jet skiing part of the fun plans. 

8. Sit n' squeeze. You can still shape your legs if you work in an office and sit for eight hours. Cross your legs and point the toe of the leg that's dangling. Then, trace the alphabet or numbers with your foot. When you're done, switch legs and repeat. 

9. Dance while going through your to-do list. Fifteen minutes of dancing for someone weighing 150 pounds can burn 95 calories, according to the CCC. So when you're mowing the lawn, turn it into a line dance. Or when you're folding laundry, do a little disco.

10. Sexercise. The average person burns almost 400 calories for an hour of intercourse. Talk about multitasking...



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