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8 Kinds of Yoga

With so many styles, studios, and classes out there, how do you know which style of yoga is right for you? We’re here to make that decision a little bit easier.

6 New Fitness Trends

Suspension training, HIIT, parkour, and more to help your body and mind beat back exercise boredom.

Book Recommendations from 7 Fitness Experts

We asked seven fitness professionals what books they look to for advice on training, nutrition, and motivation.

Super Quick Workout: Super Squats

Try this power move for a fast, all-in-one workout.

No Time for Exercise? Try These (10 Minute or Less) Workouts

Fast and effective ways to get in shape.

Can Exercise Reverse Skin Aging?

Is working out the secret to younger looking skin?

The New Age of Older Trainers

A growing number of individuals are getting fit by working out with gray-haired trainers. Learn how you can benefit from the wisdom and experience of these in-shape seniors.

Working Out? Work in a Rest Day

The key to exercise success? Rest. Learn why, plus get important tips for incorporating recovery into your fitness routine.

The Ups and Downs of Multitasking While Exercising

If catching up on the news or catching up with a friend is what it takes to get you to the gym, go for it! Just make sure you don't become too distracted that your workout falls by the wayside.

Exercise Realization: Less Is More

New science suggests shorter workouts may be just as effective as longer ones.

Video Games Help Aging Folks Get Fit

Brisk walking may be great for cardio health, but interactive video games offer their own benefits too, including improved balance and flexibility.

Today's Top Fitness Trends

Which exercise classes are still hot and which are definitely not? Check out our picks.

Beyond Hand Weights: More Tools to Help You Stay Toned

Try something new! From kettlebells to resistance bands, these body-toning tools will breathe new life into your workout.

Whole Body Vibration Training: What's This Workout?

Requiring very little movement or effort, can this type of exercise produce major results?

What Makes Boot Camp Workouts So Effective?

This fitness trend takes people at all fitness levels and whips them into the best shape of their lives. So what can boot camp do for you?

10 Ways to Get to the Gym Regularly

Here, 10 ways to ensure you get to the gym, despite life's everyday obstacles.

Fitness Trend Alert: Fluid Movements Get You Fit

If you like Pilates, yoga, and dance, raise the bar with this system developed by a former ballet dancer. Appropriate for people of all fitness levels and those recovering from injuries, this trend could be for you.

Find Your Personal Fitness ID

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to getting in shape. No matter where you start out, you have a unique fitness ID to discover, develop, and change as you grow.

Get in Shape With the Latest in "Exergaming"

Get in shape, and have fun doing it, with video gaming systems that incorporate active fitness.

Time to Get Fit? Do This, Not That

Bump up your fitness level with these 10 simple adjustments to your daily habits.

How to Make Exercise Fun

When you consider all the different ways you can add exercise to your life, it's really not difficult to make exercise fun, easy, and motivating.

3 Ways to Put More Fun in Your Workout

When you consider all the different ways you can add exercise to your life, it's really not that difficult to make exercise fun, easy, and something that enriches you.

The Benefits of Small Group Fitness Training

If you're tired of exercising in a crowd and can't afford one-on-one sessions with a fitness instructor, then small group training might be just what you need to kick your workout into high gear.

High Altitudes May Lead to Weight Loss

New research suggests you can lose weight and keep it off just by spending a week in the mountains.

5 Inexpensive Workouts

Try these creative ways to exercise that are good for your body and easy on your wallet.

Is It Still a Workout If You Don't Sweat?

Working up a sweat is good for you, but what if you're not one to perspire during exercise? Can you still consider it to be an effective workout? Here's the answer.

Neuromuscular Activation: Fad or Fact?

Is neuromuscular activation the next great fitness fad or the latest fitness marketing technique? "Both and neither," says Mike Ceja, a sports therapist at Lloyd Athletic Club in Portland, Oregon.

5 Habits of Daily Exercisers

Long-time exercisers say the reason they stick with fitness is because it's a habit. They plug it into their daily routine, much like brushing their teeth or reading the morning paper.

Can Visualization Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals?

The difference between a good workout and a great one may be all in your mind.

Marriage and Fitness: An Improbable Pair?

Can marriage be bad for your health? Maybe, if you let it keep you out of the gym.

Age-Appropriate Exercise Classes: A Growing Trend

Even when classes are advertised as appropriate for "all levels," instructors and students know that's not always accurate information. That's why fitness centers are now tailoring classes to fit the needs of specific demographics.

Protein Powder: Help or Hype?

In spite of the marketing claims, are protein powders really necessary for the typical weekend warrior or average guy who can't get to the gym more than a few times a week?

Get Fit While Spring Cleaning

Get ready to clean out the cobwebs, spruce up your space, and break a serious sweat with this power-cleaning, calorie-burning workout.

Post-Exercise Eating: Don't Undo Your Workout

If your calorie-burning workouts are often followed by calorie-crazed binges, you might as well not be exercising at all. So, how do you put an end to this vicious cycle? We've got eight effective ways.

5 Diet Busters

Trying to lose weight but can't? Well, before you place the blame on this or that, it may be time to take a good look at what you've been doing.

6 Truths About Exercise and Weight Loss

Many people are frustrated however; when after months of exercise classes, miles on the treadmill, and lifting the equivalent of the Empire State Building they still haven't lost an ounce. So, what's the truth about exercise and weight loss?

How a Fitness Role Model Can Help You

It's hard to reach your goals when you can't see them. That's where a fitness role model comes in.

How to Turn Your Walk into a Workout

What's the least expensive and most convenient way to get a total workout? Lace up your sneakers and walk out the door. Turning your walk into a workout is easy. Just follow these steps.

Mudding: The Newest Trend in Athletic Endeavor

"Mudding" is a growing trend in which the cardiovascular demands of a long-distance run is coupled with the physical demands of a military-style obstacle course and the carefree atmosphere of a summer-time musical festival.

Ginger May Relieve Post-Workout Pain

Ginger has long been known for its digestive healing powers. Now, studies are revealing another big benefit of this ancient favorite.

Kickbox Your Way to a Better Body

Kickboxing is a total-body, booty-kicking workout that's fun, makes you fast on your feet, and kicks you into the best shape of your life.

Burn More Calories With Shapewear

Could getting in shape be as simple as slipping on an extra layer? Quite possibly, if that layer is a certain brand of shapewear.

Is Your Workout Not Working Out?

If you're exercising regularly but not seeing results, you may have hit a plateau. What should you do? Follow these five tips to get back on track and meet your fitness goals.

Chocolate Milk May Boost Post-Workout Recovery

Studies show that lowfat milk is a better choice than sports drinks or soy beverages for replacing lost fluids and repairing muscles after endurance exercises and strength training.

Want to Get in Shape? Start Gardening

Gardening is more than just an enjoyable outdoor hobby. It's a real way to get fit.

The Short- and Long-Term Benefits of Exercise

Exercise does a body good. Not only is it the key to losing weight, it's also the key to healthy, happy golden years. But how exactly will it help you today and many years from now?

5 Perfect Pool Exercises

Exercising in the water is a fun way to achieve total body fitness, but you'll need to do more than splash around to reap those benefits. Try these five moves to tone your muscles and rev up your entire cardiovascular system.

How to Find the Perfect Exercise Mat

The right exercise mat can make all the difference when it comes to comfort, safety, and performance. But with all the mats available on the market, how do you know which one to choose?

Jazzercise: Dance Your Way To Fitness

If you're sick of the same old aerobics class and looking for something more motivating than the treadmill, this special form of fitness might just be your solution.

Fitness Secrets of Celebrity Moms

One day they're pregnant and the next, they're movie star slim again. How do Julia, Halle, and others do it? Read on to discover how celebrities get fit so fast after becoming new moms.

5 Thigh-Thinning Exercises

If you're already at a healthy weight or just want better muscle tone in your thighs, try these five exercises for slimmer thighs.

The Real Reason You Can't Get Flat Abs

You've crunched, balanced, stretched, and lunged. And still, your abs aren't flat. Are these exercises even worth it?

10 Ways to Overcome Exercise Burnout

While daily exercise seems doable in theory, few of us can sustain that bite into our already busy schedules. But perhaps the biggest obstacle is boredom. Here, 10 ways to keep the thrill going.

Elliptical Trainers, Treadmills, and More: Which is Best?

Rolling belts. Whirling petals. Gliding footplates. Every cardio machine promises intense muscle toning, exceptional calorie expenditure, and an effective cardiovascular workout.

What Kettlebells Will Do for Your Workout

If you've ever worked out with one of these cast iron balls, you know why. If you've never tried them, now may be the time to start.

Could Exercise Be the Best Treatment for Cellulite?


Have You Joined the Zumba Party?

Zumba isn't just the latest fitness craze; it's a way of transforming fitness into pure fun.

The 5 Best Core Exercises

A strong core is about so much more than six-pack abs. It's an important part of your overall health.

Get 3 Workouts in 1 with Circuit Training

This solution enables you to fit a total body workout into one short session.

8 Great Floor Exercises

Roll out the mat, and get down on the floor. We've got eight yoga and Pilates-inspired floor exercises to target your arms, legs, abs, glutes, and back.

The Bodyweight Exercise Trend

With no equipment or classes needed, avid exercisers can still get an effective strength and resistance workout.

8 Ways to Burn Off Holiday Pounds

Here, 10 strategies to help you burn calories and shed unwanted pounds.

5 Health Risks to Avoid at the Gym

Did you know that the sweaty exercise machines and steamy locker rooms can put you at risk for some nasty injuries and infections?

Over 40 Exercise Tips for Men

As men age past 40, they lose muscle mass, bone density and their metabolic rate slows down- leaving men at risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and certain cancers. Exercise is one of the best ways prevent disease and ensure a good quality of life.

Don't Let Winter Weaken Your Workout

How can you make your workout weatherproof? By bringing your outdoor fitness routine indoors.

What Can You Do About Your Big Ankles?

Read on for three fitness moves that will help you fix this so-called problem area.

10 Ways to Make Exercise a Habit

We've got 10 tips to make exercise a habit you'll never want to break.

3 Ways to Burn Calories at Your Desk

Here, three ways to work your body (without stepping foot from your desk).

Could Your Ab Workout Be Harming Your Health?

Recent reports are questioning whether some of the most popular ab exercises are effective--or even safe.

What Can Strength Training Do for Seniors?

Find out why now may be the perfect time to pick up a pair of weights.

How to Shop For Home Fitness Equipment

Many of us are bringing our workouts home. Here's what to consider before making an important fitness purchase.

6 Ways to Reshape Your Body

Here, steps you can take to get your dream physique.

Power Walking 101

Learn about the benefits of an exercise nearly anyone can perform.

Spinning 101

Searching for a new spin on a dull workout routine? Look no further: Indoor cycling may be the answer.

The Top 5 Weight-Lifting Myths for Women--Busted

Afraid weight lifting will make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger? It won't. Here, we debunk other weight-lifting myths.

6 Ways to Get a Better Body Now

These speedy strategies can trim and tone your body in 12 weeks or less.

4 Ways to Get Fit This Spring

Spring is here, and so there's no better time to slim down and shape up.

6 Shape-Up Secrets for Fitness-Phobes

Even the biggest couch potatoes can learn to love exercise.