Eating and Nutrition - Low Carb

Processed Foods and Prostate Cancer Risk

Processed foods are terrible for your health. But are they linked to prostate cancer? We look at a study and give some tips on cutting back on junkfood.

Carb Counting and Type 1

If you have diabetes, you're surely familiar with carb counting. These guidelines will help you use this strategy more effectively.

Beyond Protein: 4 Foods That Feed Muscles

Protein plays a crucial role in building muscle, but it's not the only player. Here's what else your body craves.

More Mushrooms, Less Meat

Mushrooms (and certain other vegetarian ingredients) can have a positive effect on weight management. Here's how to add more meatless meals to your recipe repertoire.

The Easy Way to Eating Well: A Guide for Busy Cooks

Try these nutritional tweaks for healthier meals that are ready in no time.

Is Weight Loss Surgery for You?

It may sound like the quickest and easiest option, but this serious procedure should not be taken lightly.

Packaged-Food Pitfalls: What Healthy Eaters Need to Know

Prepared and packaged foods can be a boon for busy lifestyles. But at what price? Here's what you need to know.

Managing Diabetes Plus Celiac Disease

It can be tricky to eliminate gluten from the diet, and when you must simultaneously manage your blood sugar, eating can get downright complicated. Here are the tips to follow.

Weighing the Connection between White Food and Asthma

The color of the food you eat really matters, especially if you suffer from asthma. Research now points out that starchy white foods may make asthma symptoms worse over time, but it's not for reasons you'd expect.

Diabetes Diets: Myths vs Facts

Work through the fallacies to get the diet truth you need.

Will aspartame inhibit weight loss while on Atkins?

Nutritionist Sharon Zarabi answers a readers question on whether or not aspartame will inhibit her Atkins weight loss goals.

Smart and Creative Desserts for Diabetics

If you have diabetes, these terrific treats will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Should You Count Calories or Carbs?

Should you cut out all sugar and processed foods and focus on eating lean protein and veggies? Or is it better to allow yourself some treats and simply reduce portion sizes?

Mediterranean Diet for Diabetics

What you eat is one of the most important aspects of managing your diabetes and a new diet trend might be what the doctor ordered.

Making Wise Carb Choices

There's no need to abandon carbs completely. It's all a matter of selecting the right ones.

No-Carb Diets and Memory Loss: Is There a Link?

If you're leaving carbs out of your diet, you may be losing more than just a quick pound.

Low-Carb Vs. Low-Fat Diets: Which Is Better?

When cutting back to lose weight, is it smarter to reduce fat or carbohydrates? Find out.